Founded in 1999, our association has grown and gained greater influence and recognition, being nowadays the benchmarking business association in the municipality of Antigua.

We are a group of business people with social and economic interests in Antigua. Some of us run local businesses, others offer their services throughout the whole municipality but we all share the same general interests. We have established various committees to cover the different economic areas present in Antigua and included a professional of each of them in our board of directors.

Among our members we have both young entrepreneurs, providing us with fresh ideas and new business concepts, and senior members, offering us their experience and extensive knowledge about business matters. We all speak the same language and represent different nationalities, since we wish to enforce international trade relations as a present and future economic priority.

As the “the voice” of the business community in the municipality our main objective is to foster social and economic development in Antigua, trying to achieve the following general goals:

  • To improve and promote the business community of Antigua.
  • To support economic growth and prosperity in Antigua: foster the development of emerging new business opportunities while supporting traditional and primary sector industries.
  • To promote pro-active communication between the Institutions and our business owners.
  • Addressing the needs and concerns of our associated members.
  • To create public awareness of issues faced by the business community and work to resolve them.
  • To actively participate in civic and cultural programs, especially those focused on children, sport and tourism, aiming at making Antigua a great place to live and work.
  • To foster the exchange of ideas, contacts, professional collaboration and business opportunities for our members. To promote and advertise our members.

OUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS (after elections held on 6th June 2016)

  • President: Francisco Ufano (Union Group)
  • Vicepresident and Shopping Centers representative: Silvestre Franquis (Fincas Majoreras S.L)
  • Secretary: Fran Canabal (Bungalows Castillo Beach)
  • Treasurer:: Emilio Zamorano (Salvafuer, S.L)

We also have several committees to deal with specialized areas of concern:

  • Hotels: Theda Bruske (Barceló Thalasso Spa Hotel)
  • Construction and real estate agents: Carmen Villazán (Carmen Villazán Real-Estate)
  • Restaurants, pubs and commerce: Andrea Brambilla (La Bodeguita Restaurant)
  • Business Community in Antigua Town: Alcorac Camino (Alcorac Engineering)
  • Common areas: Franco Alderucci (Pioneering restaurateur in El Castillo)
  • Wholesale and distribution sectors: Santiago Mederos (Antigua Gestión)
  • Sport and leisure activities: Kristina Rodewig (Deep-Blue-Diving)
  • Other sectors: César González (Glex Lawyers).
  • Commerce: Sandra Shamsunder (Eurogift)
  • Primary sector: Luis Mesa (Verdeaurora)

“Juntos somos una gota. Unidos un océano.”
(Ryunosuke Satoro)