Astronomical Observations-Star Gazing “Tears of San Lorenzo”.

The month of August is the most awaited by all those star gazers, who look to the sky to spot a shooting star, which according to tradition is a sign of

“Distinguidos del Turismo” Awards bring attention to Antigua

Francisco Canabal, “Gold Beach” in the Best Career category, for his dedication at building touristic resorts and convincing tour operators of the excellency of Fuerteventura as touristic destiny. Honourable Mention

Public tenders and announcements

Antigua Town Council public tenders (14 June 2017) Public tender for multilevel greenhouse in Pozo Negro. Public tender for industrial building in Pozo Negro. Public tender for prevention labour service.

Investments grants for Canarian SME-2017

Applications deadline: 27th June, 2017. Elegible projects: those aimed at increasing the productivity and competitiveness of Canarias businesses in both newly created or existing firms. In the latter case, companies must have

AECA fosters the interaction of the students from Antigua School with international beach volleyball players

As sponsor of the International Beach Volleyball Tournament (8-14 May, Caleta de Fuste), AECA had the opportunity of using the grounds which are being specifically prepared for the event. But

AECA will sponsor Caleta de Fuste International Beach Volley Tournament.

AECA will sponsor the tournament, thus fulfilling our aim of encouraging the organization of a periodical international event to touristically boost the municipality. The event will take place on the