1. Beach works follow-up.
  2. To encourage commercial, touristic and professional activities or services along Antigua, paying special attention to the following points:
    • To increase in number and in representation force all over the municipality..
    • To enhance and improve rural tourism offer: ecotourism, Biosphere Reserve and Starlight Reserve.
    • To promote our cultural elements and local products: windmills, cheese, cropping systems, flora-fauna, volcanology, geology, etc.
    • To encourage the modernization of primary sector industries and promote their opening to the public.
    • To foster and promote sport tourism: trekking and cycling trails.
  3. To enhance our museum offer.
  4. To reach an agreement with the Tourist Board with the aim of economically and touristically boost the municipality.
  5. To foster the creation of a permanent Police Office in Caleta de Fuste.
  6. To encourage the creation of a primary sanitary service in Caleta de Fuste.
  7. To Foster the improvement of the landscape at the access roads in Caleta de Fuste: bike line, lighting, gardens and road signs.


  1. To support the awarding of a Blue Flag for the beaches in Caleta de Fuste.
  2. To enhance the organization of a periodic international event to touristically promote the municipality.
  3. To encourage the creation of a group of natural lakes on the rock in the East coast of Caleta de Fuste as an alternative leisure offer.
  4. To support the rebuilding of the Beach promenade, from the Harbor to Frasquita Restaurant.